Hobie Top Guns- Select Group of Kayak Experts Tell How It’s Done

Repeat IFA Kayak Tour champion Benton Parrott is arguably the most decorated tournament angler in Hobie® kayak fishing history. Jeff Anderson has more than 50 million YouTube views to his credit. Quinton Echols is a literal life saver, a firefighter / paramedic who chases bass to burn off the stress of difficult job. Kevin Workman is a kayak hawg hunter who beats powerboaters at their own game. They join nine other elite kayak anglers on Hobie Fishing's 2016 Top Gun team.

"The Top Guns are hand-selected fishing team members that have gone above and beyond. They are renowned for their skills on and off the water as anglers and as Hobie representatives," says Kevin Nakada, Hobie Fishing Team Coordinator.

Every 2016 Top Gun lives and breathes kayak fishing, and all of them have a gift for showcasing their particular corners of the sport. Beginning in February, they will share their know-how in weekly stories published on the Hobie Fishing Top Gun page. With Top Guns spread far and wide across North America and Hawaii, the topics are sure to be diverse.