SMS Knife Sharpener


Sometimes even I catch fish that are eating size. That’s when the trouble starts. Trying to clean fish with a dull knife is a waste of time and waste of fish. The SMS (Sharpening Made Simple) knife sharpener puts a great edge on any cleaning knife, and it does it with no trouble at all. In three easy steps, the compact sharpener puts as good an edge as any knife will take. This fine tool for efficient fish cleaning is made in the USA, and fits in a large pocket easily.

Featured Kayak Builder: Wilderness Systems


Editor’s Note:

 I can’t be totally objective about Wilderness Systems kayaks. Our first family kayaks were a couple of absolute bottom end, very cheap, long-discontinued model Wilderness Systems kayaks. We have taken these little sit-in kayaks across the country, and we’ve paddled them in all sorts of conditions. And we’ve caught a ton of fish from these little ‘yaks. We still use them very often. So I have to admit up front that I have a warm place in my heart for Wildey kayaks

Wilderness systems has been building fishing kayaks since the Ride Angler was launched in 1999. In 2001, Wilderness Systems launched the first iteration of the Tarpon models. Both Ride and Tarpon have been redesigned multiple times since their original release to meet the changing needs of our angling consumers. Wilderness Systems makes high performance premium kayaks that are extremely customizable. Wilderness Systems has always prioritized the design of the hull to meet the angler’s specific need. We’ve created fast, responsive Tarpon models for anglers paddling river or long distances. The Ride models are designed to provide a stable casting platform for sight casting. The new Thresher models were designed for anglers who want to cover large amounts of water in unpredictable conditions. 78 l Southern Kayak Fishing l July 2015 July 2015 l Southern Kayak Fishing l 79 featured kayak builder After the hull design goals are met, we strive to create a versatile deck design that does not limit anglers. We want the angler to be able to put rod holders, camera mounts, and safety lights in locations that are accessible and make sense.

This is accomplished with the use of our SlideTrax system for mounting accessories as well as flat surfaces throughout. The incorporation of FlexPod OS and new Rectangular Hatch found in the Thresher model add to this philosophy by allowing more options for storage, electronics, and camera mounts. Kayak anglers spend many hours sitting their boats, and the quality of a kayak seat can ultimately make or break an angler’s on-the-water experience. Wilderness Systems is proud to offer the innovative, comfortable and functional seats on the market with our Phase 3 AirPro seating systems. All Wilderness Systems angling kayaks are outfitted with high performance seats that are optimized to best suit the different boat designs, intended paddling conditions and the different fishing positions. Our kayaks are proudly built in Greenville, South Carolina.


Why should any anglers consider buying a Wilderness Systems kayak? Wilderness Systems kayaks are easy and fun to paddle, so they are perfect for beginners. The kayaks are designed by and for the best anglers in the world, so a novice angler can progress into an advanced kayak angler with a single Wilderness systems boat. High performance, aesthetically beautiful, and highly customizable, Wilderness Systems kayaks are the perfect kayaks for any type of fishing conditions. Spending a little time in a Wilderness Systems kayak is the best sales pitch we can make. Our innovative designs, premium outfitted and an uncompromising attention to detail have made Wilderness Systems an industry leader since 1986. Today the brand continues to push the limits of technology, performance, comfort, responsiveness, and aesthetics. Wilderness Systems offers the ultimate on-the-water experiences to everyone from passionate anglers to recreational boaters and expedition paddlers.